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Friday, 28th January 2022

Who is Janice McAfee? Did John McAfee Rescue His Wife From Prostitution?

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  • 20th July 2021,
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John McAfee hired Janice as a prostitute in 2012 before marrying her in 2013.

John McAfee

John McAfee

John McAfee’s wife Janice McAfee warned in a chilling Father’s Day message that authorities were “determined” her husband would die in prison, just days before his death by suicide was reported from a Spanish prison.

John McAfee, who was a software entrepreneur, was found dead in his jail cell on June 23, 2021. The news of McAfee’s death comes hours after Spain’s High Court authorized his extradition to the United States over multiple tax fraud charges. His death has created shock waves across the globe.

McAfee was in Spanish custody since October 5, 2020, on a June 2020 indictment in which he allegedly failed to file taxes for four years (a period between 2014 and 2018) despite earning millions of dollars.

Who is Janice McAfee?

John McAfee born John David McAfee, married Janice McAfee in 2013 after they met in 2012, according to reports. Janice was born in 1983 in the United States of America and belongs to the Black ethnicity.

Janice McAfee’s background is yet to be decoded. She might not have a strong educational background as she had been into prostitution for years before getting married to McAfee. There’s not much information available about McAfee’s wife on the internet. However, Janice McAfee has thousands of followers on her official Twitter account.

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Janice was reportedly a sex worker when she met John McAfee, who hired and paid her for sex. According to her McAfee saved her from trafficking and allowed her to reconnect with her son. Before his death, John McAfee and Janice McAfee lived in Lexington, Tennessee.

Janice McAfee Claim “US authorities were determined to have McAfee dead in prison”

On Father’s Day, Janice tweeted about her husband John McAfee’s extradition and shared a two-page long note in which she alleged that US authorities were determined to have McAfee dead in prison. “John’s honesty often gotten him in trouble with corrupt governments and corrupt officials because of his outspoken nature and his refusal to be extorted, intimidated or silenced,” the note said.

Janice McAfee’s Age Gap With John McAfee And His Ex-Wives

Moreover, Janice McAfee and her husband John McAfee had a huge age gap. She was 37 years younger than McAfee, according to reports. McAfee had two more wives before he married Janice. His first marriage was with one of his students. His second marriage was with a former flight attendant at American Airlines and a yoga enthusiast Judy McAfee, 67, who helped him build his company founded in 1987. The two separated in 2002.

Janice McAfee Has 3 Children

Reportedly, John McAfee’s wife Janice McAfee has three children aged 14, 15, and 17. During an interview with The Sun, John McAfee also spoke about his children. “We’re taking good care of them and they’re being watched by my people,” McAfee has said he has 47 kids between the ages of 16 and 47. However, later, McAfee tweeted that the number 47 was not an exact count but just an approximate guess.

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