The News Pit

Thursday, 18th July 2024


The News Pit (TNP) is an initiative to highlight the North Eastern Region in the mainstream media. is a knowledge venture launched in February 2019 by a young woman journalist from Assam. This platform focuses on disseminating news on various topics in context of North East India, India and the rest of the world. The categories in this platform has been aimed to give its readers the latest updates happening in and around in a very crisp and to the point manner without adding masalas keeping it real and authentic for readers.

TNP is also a public voicing platform, through which one can share their thoughts on the ongoing issues in the society and the broader community through their writings to reach out to the one and all. Journalism today has different colors and The News Pit is definitely not inclined to any one of those. This is an independent, unbiased and authentic fact-based platform for the general public. The News Pit is here to update information with digital speed in the digital era and its moto is “Voice to unite and not to divide”.