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Sunday, 16th June 2024

Apple Podcasts Subscription Service To Launch On June 15 Globally, Says Report

By Disha Sharma -
  • Updated
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  • 17th June 2021,
  • 11:46 AM

Report are saying that Apple Podcasts will launching in-app subscriptions at a global event on June 15 after a delay.

Photo credits Google

Photo credits Google

Apple Podcasts: Apple Podcasts have announced that it’s launching in-app subscriptions at a global event on June 15 after a delay, according to the report.

Earlier, the launch was planned for May when Apple first debuted in-app subscriptions in April.

Later, the company emailed the creators to shift the feature launch in order to ensure that they will deliver the best experience for creators and listeners. It is happening because of issues with the company introduced a recent backend update.

There are various perks attached to the inapp subscription. For example, it is a convenient option for all the  listeners to subscribe to certain shows or networks for early access and ad-free content.

Other than the delayed news, podcasters have also complained that Apple’s latest Podcasts update, made in preparation for the subscription offerings, has completely hit the system.

Reportedly, recently Podnews complaint that there are varied range of problems are occuring like episodes being delayed, their analytics are breaking, and artwork is going missing.

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The reason behind putting a subscribe button in the podcast app is to attract more premium listeners to various services, like Luminary and Wondery Plus. As people were facing problems while subscribing in an app separate from their usual listening platform, the groups need to work upon this.

Recently, Apple released iOS 14.6 for iPhone 6s and announced some features at a global event. It includes Apple Card Family, Apple Podcasts Subscriptions, AirTag related changes, and many more.

In September of the previous year, Apple released iOS 14 to the public. The adoption is quite effective over the past several months. According to latest reports, iOS 14 is running on over 90 percent of all active iPhone models.

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The latest versions of Apple— iOS 14.6 and iPadOS 14.6 are operating systems for iPhone and iPad models. Cupertino giant in its April Spring Loaded event described some features like iOS 14.6 brings Apple Card Family to iPhone models.

In the meantime, Spotify announced to launch its plan for subscription podcasts in record time. Apple has debuted its product and delayed the release of the inapp subscription.


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