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Saturday, 19th September 2020

Donald Trump Claims Covid-19 Vaccine Will Be Ready Within Four Weeks

By Preeti Soodan Devgan -
  • Updated
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  • 16th September 2020,
  • 5:29 PM

Bill Gates raised his concerns whether it is logical to trust the Trump administration for the Covid-19 vaccine.

US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump criticized China over Coronavirus spread

As the U.S elections are approaching, the fear of Donald Trump to get re-elected is visible when he announced that Coronavirus vaccine will soon be available in the next four weeks before the election.

Bill Gates has raised a doubtful question on Trump, whether the nation can trust on it’s administration or it is just a political stunt because every country is rushing to make the antidote of this virus. COVID-19 has infected many people till date and the count is increasing day by day worldwide.

Trump, in an interview with Fox and Friends on Tuesday, gave out an aggressive prediction about the timeline for a coronavirus vaccine, claiming that the ‘holy grail’ of COVID-19 could be ready in “four weeks”.

The US president stated that he believes the North American nation is going to have a vaccine in “a matter of weeks”. In his interview he predicted that the vaccine could come in as little as “four to eight weeks”.

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Trump also mentioned specifically that if Joe Biden was elected president, then the country would have not got a vaccine for years because of all the red tape. Concerns about Trump trying to play politics with the vaccine increased after CDC notified the states to get ready for distributing a vaccine by November 1, two days before the election.

Scientists including Dr. Anthony Fauci, have stated that it is not likely that a vaccine is going to be ready before the 2020 US elections. Even Bill Gates in an interview with Bloomberg raised his concerns about whether it will be logical to trust the Trump administration for the vaccine.

On the other hand, to be first on the race for the vaccine, Russia had registered its first one to fight against the virus called Sputnik V. Experts around the world also raised concerns when the nation registered it vaccine as President Vladimir Putin claimed it to be safe and efficient for use. Most of thwe scientists and researchers expressed their worries about the safety of the vaccine as it did not undergo the proper testing process.

It has become interesting now that whether Trump administration will launch a vaccine upto what extent as per the given deadline which is believed to be a good shot by a current President for getting reelected. However, many experts around the world believe that an effective vaccine will be ready by the first quarter of 2021.

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