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Saturday, 19th September 2020

Bizarre: Man Uses Snake As Face Mask While Commuting On Bus

By Sathish Mon -
  • Updated
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  • 16th September 2020,
  • 5:07 PM

Co-passengers assumed the snake to be a park but were in shock when the man let it crawl on the hand railings.

A man used python as a face mask while commuting in a bus in the UK. (PA)

A snake for a face mask! You are reading it right. A man in the UK used snake as a face mask to cover his face and mouth while travelling on a bus which was bound to Manchester. The commuters initially thought it must be a colourful funky mask which looked so different. They learnt, it was a snake for real only after the man let the reptile to crawl around the hand rails. A fellow commuter recorded a video and shared it on social media.

Another fellow commuter who was shocked out of his wits said, “At first I thought it to be a funky mask but he let it to crawl on the hand rails.” No one was hurt by the incident but it was rather entertaining according to the commuters who briefed the media.

The man was seen wearing a white t-shirt and denims while he let a python swirl around his neck and face and wasn’t wearing a real face mask, as it is a mandatory requirement while commuting in the UK with some exceptions for people suffering from other types of severe illness and children.

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The man let the snake crawl on the hand railing. (PA)

Reacting to the incident, a spokesperson for Greater Manchester briefed the media that “government stipulated face coverings should be surgical masks, scarves and bandanas. While a small degree of interpretations applies to this, it definitely does not extend to the use of snake skin especially when attached to the snake,” he was quoted briefing the media.

Public authorities had clarified on the rules of face covering following the incident of the man who was spotted with snake to cover his face and mouth. Initially, the UK government had resisted the use of face mask in confined areas but later changed its policies owing to spike in number of cases of COVID-19. While the move sparked some row in the UK, it hasn’t had an impact that was reported from the US.

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