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Tuesday, 21st May 2024

Robinhood Replies to Shiba Inu: Says ‘We Have Not Made Any Announcements’ But Doesn’t Refute Rumours

By Vinod Dsouza -
  • Updated
  • :
  • 19th October 2021,
  • 1:24 PM

Robinhood replies to rumours about listing Shiba Inu on their platform, says 'we have not made any announcement'.

Shiba Inu could soon be listed on the Robinhood app.

Several leading news outlets sent out tweets yesterday claiming that Robinhood is all set to list Shiba Inu on their platform and also quoted inside sources that an official announcement will be made shortly.

The calls to list SHIB on Robinhood immediately swept social media with many investors tagging Robinhood to confirm if they’d indeed list the meme-currency on their platform.

However, Robinhood sent out a tweet saying they ”have not made any announcement” on listing Shiba Inu or other tokens on their platform but didn’t refute the rumours completely and kept investors hanging in balance.

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”We have not made any announcements with regards to SHIB or any other upcoming coins,” tweeted Robinhood Comms.

Even CoinMarketCap sent out a tweet hinting that Robinhood would list SHIB soon by saying, ”Something we have all been waiting for! Will one of the most popular cryptocurrencies be able to make its way to Robinhood?” For which the official Shiba Inu handle replied with a GIF of a wink.

Also, as and when rumours that Robinhood would list SHIB made its way all over social media, the coin spiked up +5% in the days trade adding more volume and increased its buying pressure.

Crypto and stock market analyst, Del Crxpto who was the first to break the inside news that Robinhood will list Shiba Inu sometime in July 2021, tweeted, ”Robinhood/$SHIB Update: As a person who uses inside sources at Robinhood himself, I know there are multiple leaks. Like myself, outlets will never give up their vetted source but always trust them. I fully believe there was a leak today and @RobinhoodApp ’s response reaffirms.”

Shiba Inu spiked in price +360% during the first week of October, 2021 and took the limelight with its stellar returns. The coin remains bullish in the market and if Robinhood confirms listing SHIB, analysts predict the coin could double in price again as it gives access to millions of new investors to pour in their money on the meme-currency.

Shiba Inu at the time of publishing was trading at $0.00002809 and is up +0.32% in the days trade.

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