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Thursday, 18th July 2024

Women Empowerment Token (WEMP) Rises 2,000% Within Three Days of Its Launch

By Vinod Dsouza -
  • Updated
  • :
  • 12th October 2021,
  • 9:50 PM

Women Empowerment Token shot up +2000% within three days of its launch giving early investors a spectacular returns on investment.

Women Empowerment Token (WEMP) was launched on October 9, 2021.

Women Empowerment Token, trading as WEMP in the indices shot up close to +2,000% within three days of its launch giving early investors a phenomenal returns on investment.

WEMP was launch on October 9, 2021 and is a community-drive, decentralized luxury DeFi with a cause to uplift women around the world in terms of encouraging entrepreneurship, jobs, and also donate to women-centric charities.

WEMP Token started its journey in the indices on October 9 with nine ‘zeroes’ and within a span of three days managed to knock out two ‘zeroes’ from its trade as it shot up +2,000% in a days time and is presently trading with only seven ‘zeroes’. The token can be purchased through Uniswap.

WEMP Token spiraled upwards +1984.2% in the days trade.

The stellar rise has surprised investors’ community and is an indication that the token can deliver the desired results in the long run. WEMP remains bullish within a week of its launch and a similar bull run like this can make the token knock out few more ‘zeroes’ making initial investors money grow in leaps.

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Between October 10 and 11, WEMP was trading at $0.0000000004569 and was up +87.89% in the days trade. Today on October 12, the token straightaway reached its all time high (ATH) by rising +1984.02% in the days trade while knocking out two ‘zeroes’ and is trading at $0.00000001076.

WEMP’s rise is arguably the best performance this week in the crypto market as only a handful of tokens have risen above +1000% in the weekly trade.

The token’s founder Christine Curran revealed in the website that the first 99 holders are women and would host and promote their NFT’s that are created by women only. Curran also stated in the website that WEMP would provide free resources to assist women in learning more about the cryptocurrency market with an aim, ”To support and empower women globally, while providing a platform to expose more women to crypto.”

At the time pf publishing Women Empowerment Token (WEMP) was trading at $$0.00000001004 and is up +1,496.59 in the 24-hours day trade.

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