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Monday, 19th October 2020

Evelyn Sharma Is Living The Farm Life Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

By Vinod Dsouza -
  • Updated
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  • 14th September 2020,
  • 6:56 PM

Evelyn Sharma begins gardening in her home town in Germany amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought us closer to nature showing the importance of co-living, creating a balance between concrete and greenery, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet. Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, Evelyn Sharma has embraced the countryside and is living the quiet farm life in Germany teaming up with DW Euromax and creating gardens that looks beautiful and takes minimal effect and care.

The actress shares several pictures and videos on her Instagram handle and was seen trying to catch a hen named Helga, who was quick and couldn’t be caught by anyone in the farm. In a Instagram story video, Evelyn was heard saying, ”Hey guys, I’m sure that you all have seen ever since the pandemic broke out, I’ve started embracing the country living and explored some new hobbies. One of my favourites is of course gardening. So now I have teamed up with Euromaxx to give you guys some really good gardening tips.”

The actress also shared her gardening pictures on her Instagram handle and encouraged her followers to begin gardening and tag her with their images. She said, ”Who else loves to potter around the garden? Check my Stories for an exciting new IGTV video series! I teamed up with @dw_euromax to give you all some fun #diygardening tips!” DW Euromax is a succulent DIY gardening project that encourages people to start their own mini garden at right from their homes.

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On The Work Front

Evelyn who debuted in the year 2012 in the Bollywood movie From Sydney With Love has come a long way in the industry and became a household name after starring in movies such as Yaariyan, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Nautanki Saala and Issaq.

The leggy lass, despite growing up in a small town in Germany, brushed up her Hindi skills for Bollywood and now manages to converse in the language with the media and fans and also delivers her own dialogues.

She also made her Tollywood debut in 2019 in Prabhas starrer Sahoo and will begin shooting for her upcoming movies once the pandemic is over and we hope that happens sooner than we can imagine.

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