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Sunday, 16th May 2021

FlowerBomb On Big Tech Censoring Conservatives: Our Rights And Freedom Are Being Taken Away Right Before Our Eyes!

By Vinod Dsouza -
  • Updated
  • :
  • 12th January 2021,
  • 8:10 PM

Model and Influencer FlowerBomb slams big tech companies for censoring people from one side of the political spectrum and giving mileage to the other.

FlowerBomb says media mob silencing conservative voices and taking away freedom of speech.

After the mayhem unfolded at the Capitol Hill on January 6, where protesters stormed the building and killed a police officer on duty, US President Donald Trump’s Twitter handle was permanently deleted and several apps removed his profile from their platforms leaving Trump with no voice to communicate.

Big tech companies singled out conservatives and either banned their profiles or shadow banned them causing outrage that liberal left-leaning media powers are forcibly silencing their voices and taking away their freedom of speech.

Amidst all the hullabaloo, former nurse turned model and influencer FlowerBomb took to her Instagram handle and slammed big tech companies for trampling on their freedoms and being biased against the other half of the country.

”My concern is our rights are being taken away before our eyes after people fought for these rights and freedoms,” she said on her Instagram stories and continued, ”Yes I don’t like censorship and it’s scary and something we should be concerned with.”

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I’m Not Republican Nor Democrat And I Denounce This Censorship

FlowerBomb revealed she’s an Independent who supports both sides of the political spectrum.

Before her followers jumped the bandwagon labeling her to a particular party ad supporting only one side, FlowerBomb revealed that she’s neither a Republican nor Democrat but is an Independent who was raised in a military and nursing family that supported people from all sides of the aisles and let everyone have a voice of their own.

”I am a supporter of the Independent party, I have said this literally more than once. A supporter of real change. A party who tells the truth, a party who doesn’t turn the population against each other,” she continued how her father raised her right and put values in her to respect all people. ”But dad raised me right as an Independent and we come from a military family,” she said.

FlowerBomb urged for unity among people and not blindly give in to politics that eventually divides the country and leads to a dark path of no return. ”These politicians have poisoned our our brains from both sides (Republican and Democrat) for votes. Stop giving so much power over your mind. Respect others and their opinion and have a conversation logically,” she summed it up.

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