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Thursday, 18th July 2024

Baby On Iconic Nirvana Album Cover Spencer Elden Sues Band For Child Pornography

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  • 25th August 2021,
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Spencer Elden, baby on the iconic Nirvana's album cover sues the band for child pornography.

Spencer Elden

Spencer Elden expressed that he has been in living a traumatic life ever since the day his naked photo on the cover of the iconic Nirvana album was commercially released. Elden, who featured on the cover of Nirvana’s multimillion-selling album ‘Nevermind’ has filed a lawsuit against the band for child pornography. Elden has also demanded a whopping $150,000 from each defendant in his lawsuit alleging that the former members of the band, art directors, and various record companies have violated federal criminal child pornography laws.

Elden has named Kirk Weddle and former Nirvana band members including the late lead singer of the band, Kurt Cobain’s estate, and his wife in court documents at Los Angeles. Elden also revealed that the photograph of him as naked baby swimming in the pool for the cover page of the album was clicked by Weddle. According to him, the photo was used by the band without the consent of him or his guardians.

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In his lawsuit against Nirvana, Elden claimed that the band has commercially sexually exploited him when he was just a toddler of four months. Elden is also demanding an unspecified amount for punitive damages apart from the $150,000.

Who is Spencer Elden?

Spencer Elden is an American model from California, US. He is currently 30-years old. Elden featured on the cover of the iconic Nirvana’s album which has created controversy for the cover photo of ‘Nevermind‘ featuring a naked toddler, who reaches out for a dollar in the swimming pool.

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