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Friday, 3rd July 2020

Nepotism: The Never-ending controversy exists only because of Bollywood biggies?

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  • 25th June 2020,
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Nepotism: An opinion from a citizen who thinks Nepotism exists everywhere today.


Nepotism: The Never-ending debate in Bollywood

A Citizen’s Opinion:

Nepotism: Media has been up in arms against nepotism ever since the tragic suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput on 14th June. Nepotism in Bollywood is believed to be the reason behind the Kai Po Che actor’s demise. It well may be the case. But is it only Bollywood’s fault?

Yes, star kids do have it easy in the start. They can ask their uncles and aunts for a break and kickstart their career with limited to no struggle. Compare that with people with a non Film background, they have to run pillar to post for a chance in any film. No matter how talented you may be, to be seen you may have to wait years if you don’t know anyone from inside the industry.

But once anyone gets a break, it’s up to the audience to accept or reject someone as an actor. And make no mistake, audiences in India love star kids. Need proof? Look at Instagram pages of any star kid who hasn’t even made it to the films. The following one gets just for being a son or a daughter of someone famous is enough to tell you how much different it is for a star kid and a regular person.

It’s not the audience alone. The media adds to the frenzy too. How they run after an infant to get his pictures that they then feed to a drooling audience tells the story. Star kids get all the media coverage since they are born. By the time they come into the industry, people already are familiar with them. So it becomes easy for them to accept them rather than someone they have never heard of until they see them on the big screen.

Make no mistake, I am not justifying nepotism. I am merely pointing out that it exists because of reasons we never care for. And why only Bollywood or showbiz, it exists almost everywhere. Does it not exist in politics?

To help someone known to you over someone unknown is human nature. Whatever we do, it will continue to exist.

(This opinion is purely personal and has been written by Shivam Pratap Singh (Content Head at Tripozam). The News Pit is the platform that allows people to voice their opinion. If you too want to raise your voice, share your thoughts at

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