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Friday, 25th June 2021

Robert Pattinson Tests Positive For Covid-19, Filming of ‘The Batman’ Halted

By Sathish Mon -
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  • 4th September 2020,
  • 11:48 AM

The shooting of the film resumed three days ago and is now temporarily halted after Pattinson tested positive for COVID-19 and will affect the release date.

Robert Pattinson / Getty Images

British actor Robert Pattinson is reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. It is revealed that the actor has contracted the virus after filming of ‘The Batman’ had resumed a couple of days ago. Earlier it was reported that a crew member had been tested positive and the shooting has been halted.

Warners Bros had revealed in a statement released to the media that a member of ‘The Batman’ crew has tested positive for and has been isolated and the filming is temporarily halted. Reports are doing rounds that the member who tested positive is Robert Pattinson, who is playing the lead role of the iconic DC comic character – The Batman.

The filming had resumed three days ago after months of shutdown due to the pandemic since March. With the filming again halted only after resumed couple of days earlier, would further delay the release of the blockbuster movie which is expected to hit the theatres worldwide in October 2021.

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The crew members are eager to get back to work but expressed disappointment over the halt of the filming due to Robert Pattinson reportedly contracted the deadly virus. Pattinson, best known for the Twilight Saga series took onto the roles of filming the 9th edition of ‘The Batman’ after Ben Affleck dropped out.

The new installment of the series is shot at Leavesden under the working title –‘Vengence’ where Harry Potter movies were made.

Ben Affleck who originally was writing the script reportedly struggled with the story making and Matt Reeves took over who reworked on the story with the portrayal of a younger Batman with a detective aspect of the character casting Pattinson in May 2019 after Ben relieved himself from all responsibilities of the movie making. With two more sequels planned, a prequel of a television series is in development for HBO series.

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