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Sunday, 14th April 2024

Assam: Alleged Transgenders Attack, Spits at Woman Journalist in Goalpara, One Arrested

By TNP Digital Desk -
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  • 16th September 2021,
  • 10:41 AM

Assam woman journalist attacked by a self-proclaimed transgender in a bus in Goalpara.

Assam Woman Journalist attack

A woman in Goalpara district of Assam, India, was attacked and spat on by a man (self-proclaimed transgender) inside a private bus on September 13, 2021.

Here’s the whole story narrated by the victim:

I am here to share an incident that happened with me today in #Assam
I was traveling from #Guwahati to #Goalpara in a private ultra bus today. After reaching #Dhupdhora at around 12:20, the bus halted for a few minutes when a #maskless person (what appeared to be a #transgender) boarded the bus. The person started #demanding money from people onboard.
As I witnessed the person moving from one seat to another, the person by force snatched a hundred rupees from a traveler in the bus. Suddenly the person came extremely close to me and demanded money from me as well, I shook my head to say ‘No’.

Then the person started misbehaving and touching me inappropriately (violating Covid protocol) several times trying to convince me to give some money. The person wasn’t #wearing a #mask. So, I asked the person to stay away from me when suddenly, the person started hurling #slangs, verbally abusing me in public.

“Why should I stay away, No, I won’t I will keep touching you, what will you do? You are a Corona,” the person shouted at me adding lots of abusive words in #Assamese.
I was shocked and tried to record the incident. But I managed to only grab a picture. By the time I opened my video recording app, the person spat on me from less than 6 feet distance violating #Covid protocol and committing the offense.

As the incident took place near #Dhupdhora #policestation, I immediately reached the PS and narrated the whole incident. 

At first, I was told that these kinds of incidents are frequent in the area and people like these always get away even after committing such acts. But after many requests, and sharing the picture of the person, the police officers went out looking for the person. After a few minutes, they came back with three people (the person who spat on me along with two others).

After they deboarded the police vehicle, the person immediately recognized me and tried to apologize. I refused to accept and told the police that I want to file an #FIR. The person and his acquaintances became aggressive and they got naked in the police station itself shouting and screaming at me trying to scare me so that I don’t register the #FIR.

They even attacked me and gave death threats. One of them got extremely close and tried to snatch my phone as I was video recording the incident for proof. People at the PS asked me to stay inside as the situation got worse.

Now, I feel really #helpless as everyone is saying it is worthless to file an FIR as no action will be taken against the person especially if the person is transgender.

Everyone is equal in the eye of law and I respect all transgenders for being so brave and fighting for their rights and I request them to oust these kinds of people, who are trying to ruin the reputation of trans people.

So now, I want #justice.

I am requesting your support and want the police to take legal steps against this person so that no one in the name of #transgender can commit such #CRIMINALOFFENCE or torture people on #publictransport vehicle or demand money by force.

As a journalist, it is my duty to fight for justice, especially when the incident has happened with me. Otherwise, there’s no point in justifying my degree in Journalism from #IIMC

Here’s the video of the incident:

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Moreover, the woman told The News Pit that the transgenders threatened her in the name of advocate and Vice-chairperson of the Assam Transgender Welfare Board Swati Bidhan Baruah while they were inside the police station.

However, according to reports, Baruah said,  “Some of these people have been taking my name and committing such offences. I have already spoken to the Goalpara SP and have instructed them to take whatever legal action is needed in the case.”

One Transgender Arrested

Meanwhile, the Goalpara police have caught the culprit whose name is Ashad Ali aka Rekha. The other two trans people are absconding.

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