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Sunday, 16th May 2021

Apple Fans Furious Over New Iphone 12 Series That Comes Without Headphone Or Chargers

By Sathish Mon -
  • Updated
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  • 15th October 2020,
  • 11:24 AM

Apple fans expressed their disappointment over the announcement of new Iphone 12 series as the package comes without headphone and charger. Customers are to buy separate spare gadgets with hefty prices.

Apple Iphone 12 Series

In an unexpected move, tech giant Apple unveiled Iphone 12. The package comes without a headphone or charger unlike its previous series which has left fans furious over the much expected hype with its amazing new features.

Apple announced its new series in a virtual event on Tuesday with its CEO, Tim Cook unveiling four new models that comes in a range of sizes and prices.

The cheapest is the Iphone 12 mini ($699) while Iphone 12 ($799) and Iphone 12 pro ($999) Iphone 12 pro max comes with a price tag of ($1099).

While the fans are already clocking on their budgetary choice with the new smartphones with hefty price tags, none of these latest models comes with a charger or headphones. Instead, one has to buy ‘megasafe’ a separate magnetic charger which is already in circulation for Applewatch at a price range of $39.

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As for headphones, Apple users are encouraged to buy the wireless Air pods which costs you a whopping $159.

The new move of not including charger or headphone is intended to cut down on Apple’s carbon footprint.

Some fans aren’t happy over the decision and took to twitter within minutes of the announcement.

A twitter user wrote ‘iphone 12 and 12 mini launched, Am disappointed’. Another wrote “Apple is removing adaptors and headsets stating carbon saving. Strange as we need to buy them separately which again will cost further $100. Not sure if everyone feels this way but the price remains the same.”

An other user joked “Very soon you will buy Iphone in spare parts and come and assemble it yourself.”

The new series of Iphone has undergone significant changes from its predecessors with smooth flat edges and comes in a range of five colours – Black, white, red, pale green and dark blue.

The standard new Iphone 12 is lighter and thinner than Iphone 11 with a new ceramic display that is less likely to shatter. It has a new updated dual camera with the camera technology with a seven element lens, enhanced night mode and a super retina display and with more colour saturation. The Iphone 12 pro comes with advanced filming options.

The new smartphones comes with 5G network technology which according to Apple CEO, Tim Cook, it delivers faster speed, better privacy and less network concession in densly populated areas.

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