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Saturday, 19th September 2020

Fact Check: Was Netflix CEO Arrested On Child Pornography Charges?

By Pragya Gouhari -
  • Updated
  • :
  • 16th September 2020,
  • 5:15 PM

Social media is abuzz with reports of Netflix CEO Reed Hastings being arrested on child pornography charges.

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

Reed Hastings was not arrested on September 12 on child porn charges. A fake news article from a site called Toronto Today has spread on social media alleging that Hastings, 59, was arrested in Los Gatos, California.

The fake article said that Hastings was arrested at his home in Los Gatos after investigators allegedly found 13,000 files of child pornography. The article said that Hastings was facing 11 charges in relation to the find.

The piece accuses Hastings of being in possession of files that included a “compilation video of prepubescent girls under 8, some as young as toddlers, being raped.” The article ends with allegations that a “clandestine drug lab” was found in Hastings’ basement. The details of Hastings’ alleged arrest are identical to the actual arrest of Utah businessman Douglas Saltsman in May 2019.

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Cuties is accused of promoting child pornography and is aired on Netflix.

Hastings is an internationally renowned tech CEO. If he was arrested on such serious charges, it would be widely reported by local, national and international news outlets. There has been no statement from the FBI on any child pornography arrests on September 12.

On the day the fake story spread, Hastings was active on his Twitter account. Hastings promoted a story from The Verge on the release of the movie Cuties.

Deadline reported on September 12 that Senator Ted Cruz had joined calls for the Department of Justice to investigate “investigate whether Netflix, its executives or the filmmakers violated any federal laws against the production and distribution of child pornography.” The allegation of child pornography is related to the fictional French movie, Cuties.

At the same time that the outrage over Cuties, Hastings appeared on CNN to promote his new book No Rules, Rules. On the same day, It is reported that the hashtag “CancelNetflix” was tweeted over 200,000 times.

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