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Thursday, 26th November 2020

German Influencer’s ‘HOT’ Pictures On A Police Car Leaves Dents, Gets Arrested

By Sathish Mon -
  • Updated
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  • 18th September 2020,
  • 12:19 PM

The Hamburg Police charged a complaint of property damage on the 21 year old Instagram model after they found dents on the car bonnet.

Model Emmy Promi poses for racy snaps on a police car and ends up denting the bonnet.

Want to get photographed and make an impact, you got many innovative ways to do so but you don’t want to end up at odds while captivating your thrilling moment. A German social media influencer has been under police investigation after she is reportedly suspected to cause ‘dents’ on the police car after she took racy snaps of herself on top of the car.

Emmy Rus, a ‘German Big Brother’ celebrity who hails from Hamburg asked her mother to take snaps of her in her blonde looks outside a police station in the city. While she was getting photographed, police confronted her after they found her mounting the car and looking into the camera. They asked her to get off the vehicle only to realize there were dents on the hood where she was posing.

The officers took the 21 year old to the station and charged a complaint against her for property damages. What seemed to be a fun filled photo session for the verified instagrammer turned out to be a nightmare.

According to Holger Vehren, the Hamburg police spokesperson who briefed the media said “If our investigation confirms the suspicion that Emmy Rus caused the damage, we will look into a civil claim that will probably be several hundred Euros”.

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However Emmy denies of her causing the damage. According to her, she photographed the car well before she took a photograph of herself posing on the car and she claims that there was already a dent there before she took the photograph.

The police has reportedly confiscated her phone to investigate whether there was already a dent in the bonnet before she posed for the photograph.

Commenting on the incident the police officers said “Yes our patrol cars can be quite sexy! But please ensure there are no damages to the cars in the process of taking photograph. Sitting or climbing on the car is going too far”.

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