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Friday, 25th June 2021

Amber Luke: Model Who Worships Satan Gets Devilish Tattoo Covering 98% of Her Body

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  • 12th May 2021,
  • 8:51 PM

Amber Luke gets another devilish tattoo to cover almost 100% of her body with ink.

Amber Luke stuns on Instagram

Amber Luke, known as a satanic model has left fans stunned with another devilish tattoo on her body. The Australian model has grabbed eyeballs on the internet for her new tattoo on her hand dedicated to the devil. Luke, who has 98% of her body covered with ink, shared a photo where she is spotted flaunting her new satanic tattoo which, she has inked to cover almost 100% of her figure.

Luke’s latest inking was the word “hell” etched onto her fingers in bold calligraphy. “Hell is empty… all the demons live here,” Luke said after seeing the results of her tattoo. She also has the number 666 tattooed on her face, which defines the devil.

Luke is known for her bold satanic stunts on Instagram. She often likes o share her hot photos on Instagram. Thanking her tattoo artist, Luke said, “Big love to my girl and main for the past six years of my life – the only and only @missbreezeartist” and went on to add “Done at Blood Money Tattoo Studio, Southport, GC.”

Luke also expressed that her tattoos helped her feel more comfortable in her skin. The 26-year-old born Amber Breeana Luke is from Brisbane, Australia. The tattoo-clad Instagram model, who suffered from depression as a teenager, is proud of having transformed the way she has. She said that she’s a strong woman who knows exactly, what she wants and who she is.

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