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Thursday, 26th November 2020

Erica Fett Reveals Her Photoshoots Are Now ‘Work From Home’ Due To The Covid-19 Crisis

By Vinod Dsouza -
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  • 14th October 2020,
  • 7:02 PM

Instagram sensation Erica Fett reveals Coronavirus pandemic made her photoshoots go 'work from home' and revealed how she coped up with the sudden changes.

Erica Fett commands a sea of followers on Instagram

The gorgeous cosplay model Erica Fett has mostly been staying indoors due to the Covid-19 pandemic and has found new love in gardening during these times of distress. The stunning Instagram beauty revealed exclusively to The News Pit that she kept herself busy with outdoor gardening for close to six months now and stated that she felt much closer to nature and the ecosystem.

“Gardening has been such a blessing this year,” she said and continued, “I’ve planted everything from bamboo to succulents over the past 6 months. The main thing I have been trying to learn is how to eliminate invasive plants like poison ivy,” she said to TNP.

The sultry siren said spending time gardening has been the most rewarding. “It has been rewarding to spend time outdoors in nature and create more tiny ecosystems by planting more.”

Home Is The New Location For Photoshoots, Says Erica!

Photoshoots have become ‘work from home’, says Erica.

Erica’s photoshoots have been drastically hit by the Coronavirus but that didn’t stop the social media star from posing to sultry pictures. The buxom beauty improvised herself by learning the art of self-shooting and kept her pages alive with eye-stunning images that make her followers go weak in the knees.

“Coronavirus has definitely impacted my ability to travel to photographers and shoots, so I’ve had to improvise with a lot of self-shooting this year,” she said. “It has been a fun transition and has really pushed me to get more creative with new concepts and themes.”

She revealed that she is one among those lucky few whose house boasts of picturesque views and that makes all her images look bright and beautiful. “Luckily, my home has an area for photos and shooting so it’s been an easy switch for me!”

Coronavirus crisis has dampened Halloween plans.

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Erica Fett Reveals Her Halloween Plans

While Halloween is just around the corner, her fans are speculating that she’s all set to surprise them with outfits never seen before. However, Erica revealed she plans to keep Halloween pretty light this year and not go out of the way to make it look full of glitz and pomp.

“Halloween plans are pretty light this year. I still decorated my entire yard like a zombie outbreak in a cemetery, so I’ll probably stick with the zombie theme,” she said.

The voluptuous model also requested her followers to stay indoors and step out only when needed and asked her fans to wear a face mask while heading outdoors. “Just remember to eat your veggies and wear your mask to keep yourself and others safe and healthy this year!”

The Instagram Princess

Erica is considered the most down to earth model on social media.

Fett is one among a few models on Instagram who truly care for their followers and makes sure she replies to almost all comments and messages she receives. With all the love she reciprocates, no wonder she now boasts a whopping 2.3 million followers on Instagram and nearly half a million followers on Twitter.

2021 Calendar Available For Pre-order

When Erica announced during the end of 2019 that she’s all set to release her 2020 calendar, she received thousands of orders and the calendars flew off the shelf and was sold, and also had to be reprinted, as new orders kept piling by the day.

The leggy lass recently announced that she’s all set to launch her 2021 calendar and followers can pre-order it on her official website. Elite Online Magazine also helped the model in designing her upcoming 2021 calendar.

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