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Thursday, 6th August 2020

Exclusive: Trump supporting sisters Camille and Haley reveal why Donald Trump will be reelected in 2020

By Vinod Dsouza -
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  • 2nd July 2020,
  • 7:54 PM

Camille and Haley show their support to Donald Trump with their foot-tapping number Keep America Great.

Camille and Haley

Camille and Haley perform Keep America Great in Tulsa

Camille and Haley, a sister duo hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma were ecstatic after hearing Donald Trump is all set to hold a rally in town and their newly released track Keep America Great coincided perfectly with the occasion, that they studio recorded their song along with a video and dropped it on YouTube which soon went viral not only in the U.S, but in Germany and China as well.

The track ‘Keep America Great’ encourages people to go out and vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming 2020 elections and the sister duo are certainly confident of a Trump victory as they believe the silent majority stands with the president.

Camille and Haley performed the song live extensively outside the rally sporting Trump 2020 t-shirts and hats and revealed they were thrilled to receive lots of love and support. They said exclusively to The News Pit that their experience was ”Exhilarating!” and ”We just wanna get the word out and show people that millennial’s are excited about Trump.”

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The foot-tapping number has already made to to the mainstream and it’s only about time when the president himself retweets it or even uses it at any of his rallies. The girls revealed that it’s their dream to perform the track in any of Trump’s rallies and will be there if invited no matter the circumstances. ”Performing live at his rallies would be a dream. We would go to any or all of his rallies if we were invited!”

The sister duo believes Trump has kept all his promises and the American people need to elect him for four more years. ”He’s done an amazing job in the last 3.5 years and we want to encourage him to continue the good work. There’s a lot of lies spread around about him and our goal is to reveal the truth and raise patriotism in our country.”

Donald Trump and Joe Biden would lock horns for the presidency on November 3, 2020 and polls suggests Biden is headed for a victory. Nonetheless, the mainstream media would wake up for another shocker when Trump is reelected, as the silent majority is well and awake in America and it’s time for a repeat of 2016.

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