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Sunday, 14th April 2024

Squid Game Season 1 Review: First Episode ‘Red Light Green Light’ Recap

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  • 20th October 2021,
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Squid Game Season 1 Episode 1 review is here.

Squid Game Season 1 review

Squid Game Season 1 review

Squid Game Season 1 on Netflix: First Episode of Squid Game on Netflix gives a mind-boggling experience to its viewers as it showcases how a game changes people’s lives. While we all have watched game shows like Jumanji, this Squid Game web series on Netflix is something that we have never encountered on an OTT or any other entertaining platform.

Squid Game episode 1 starts with a sequence where children are seen playing a game while a man in the background starts to explain a simple game he played as a child. The man starts, “In my town, we had a game called the Squid Game,” and goes narrating the details of the Squid Game and how at last one wins and the other lose or die.

Squid Game S1 EI

Seong Gi-hun is a 47-year-old divorced man. He has signed a waiver giving up his physical rights to a person he owed a lot of money to. He is a high school graduate and a former employee of Dragon Motors. The company laid him off 10-years ago. He then went on to open a chicken shop and a snack bar, but both his ventures failed to do well. Currently, he is working as a chauffeur.

He separated from his wife three years ago, and his daughter is currently 10-years-old. As of now, Gi-hun owes 160 million won to loan sharks who are after his life. He also owes 255 million won to the bank. Hoping to win easy money, desperate Gi-hun agrees to this unknown man who asks him to take part in a game with a twist, which he is unaware of until he lands in the zone. What follows will leave you stunned. However, what happens before that?

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Here’s a recap –

So Gi-hun steals his mother’s ATM card to gamble. He loses all the money in some hassle and later realises he can’t afford to lose his daughter, which is why he decides to jump into the snake pit without being aware of what is to follow next. When he lands in the game, he realises that he has signed his death certificate.

Brief Review of Squid Game:

Red Light Green Light is the ultimate game where the winner is heavily rewarded. But it comes with a price. If a player breaks the rules, he/she is eliminated. And by elimination, we mean the twist – so what is it? Find out by clicking on the video given below.

Meanwhile, this episode is totally dark, full of suspense and mind-boggling entertainment for viewers.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Here’s a video of one of the scenes in Squid Game:

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