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Friday, 25th June 2021

Woman Viciously Trolled as ‘Pinocchio’ After Rare Medical Condition Makes Her Nose to Double in Size

By Vinod Dsouza -
  • Updated
  • :
  • 13th May 2021,
  • 5:44 PM

The Brazilian woman has been spreading awareness about the medical condition on her social media handles.

Instagram / Laudiane Fernandes

Laudiane Fernandes is at the receiving end of vicious trolls who constantly drop vile comments on her Instagram pictures mostly labeling her as ‘Pinocchio’ as her nose has doubled in size.

Fernandes, has been battling haemangioma since her birth, which is a non-cancerous growth that cause inflammation of the blood vessels and is a rare medical condition which is making her nose longer in shape.

Sadly, she revealed that any picture she posts online gets hateful in the comments section but stated their vile mentality doesn’t bring her down as she can cope up with it as she is mentally strong.

However, despite all the vile trolls, Fernandes has been spreading awareness about the medical condition on her social media handle making people understand that her illness might take time to heal and gave hope to other people suffering from the same condition that it’ll all be alright.

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The Brazilian woman, revealed she first suffered from the illness while she was at primary school and her nose bleeding would not stop and was immediately rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Since then her condition has triggered nose bleeding, seizures and also suffered from problems with her nose, eyes and scalp during her growing up years, and was diagnosed with cavernous haemangioma aged 16.

”As a child, I used to constantly have nosebleeds that would be painful and result in me losing a lot of blood. At five-years-old, I remember having a severe nosebleed whilst at school where I ended up sitting in a pool of my own blood. Within seconds, I began having a seizure which scared my teachers as they didn’t know what was going on and I was rushed to hospital,” she said to the DailyStar.

How Many People Suffer From Haemangioma?

Haemangioma usually comes by birth and medical studies reveal one in 20 infants has haemangioma but that disapperars over time when they reach the age of five. Only a fraction of children grow up with being diagnosed to the illness and in many cases surgeons have removed the entire lesion of extra growth from the body.

Though haemangioma is non-cancerous tumour, it leads to other complications such as ulcers, skin infection, distortion in facial and bodily features and in some cases vision issues might also occur. The recent medical breakthrough for the illness is laser therapy but the side effects might cause scars and permanent changes in skin pigmentation.

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