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Sunday, 3rd July 2022

Happy New Year: 10 Festive Ideas To Ring In 2021 QUARANTINE Style

By Tavisshi Dhawan -
  • Updated
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  • 1st January 2021,
  • 5:22 PM

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in a different style this year by staying at home and trying out these fun ideas.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2021

New Year’s Eve 2021 will look a lot different than last year’s celebration. Instead of heading out for a night on the town, many of us will be settling in for an evening on the couch. And in lieu of ringing in 2021 with dozens of friends, our guest lists will be limited to the people who live in our households. But just because your 2021 holiday is different doesn’t mean it can’t be just as festive, celebratory, and meaningful as years past. With the right amount of planning, you can throw an incredible New Year’s Eve bash right at home.

From setting a creative New Year’s resolution to planning an incredible New Year’s Eve brunch, you’re bound to find a few celebratory ideas you love.

1. New year’s brunch- Brunch is the best meal. So, you’ll want to include it in your plans for the last day of the year. A festive dish, like Belgian waffles.

2. Decorate for 2021- it isn’t the New Year’s Eve without decoration. How about adding a fancy balloon or a cute banner. Bonus: these can be the perfect backdrops if you decide to take pics (which you definitely should)

3. Make a scrapbook- There’s no denying it: 2020 was a year to remember. Commemorate the past 12 months by putting together a scrapbook or photo album. It’s a great way to get creative and look back on all the incredible memories you made.

4. Get dressed up- Just because you’re staying at home doesn’t mean you can’t get dressed up. So throw on a festive outfit and some bold new year’s eve make up. Who cares if the only one to see it is your cat?

5. Take some pictures- Buy some Insta-worthy props and set them up in front of a DIY backdrop. To make one quickly, tape silver or gold wrapping paper to the wall — preferably one in front of a window for some pretty natural light.

6. Write down your resolutions- Since you’re staying home this year, you’ll have extra time to work on your new year’s resolutions. Try to cover a range of baskets ranging from career to mental health to finances.

7. Make a memory jar- Here’s a fun idea for New Year’s Eve: Decorate a “Memory Jar” to keep over the next 12 months. Every time something incredible happens, write about it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. You can even include mementoes like ticket stubs and cards. On New Year’s Eve 2022, you can open the jar and take a walk down memory lane.

8. Make a festive dinner- A great way to ring in the new year is by having a special dinner. Instead of going out to a local spot for dinner, whip up something at home.

9. Make a dessert- After a year like 2020, we all deserve a treat. So how about looking up some desserts you might want to try out and bake them in the morning of the 31st. That way, you’ll have delicious snacks to enjoy all day and night —because the best thing to do after the ball drops is to eat a cookie.

10. Make a toast- Pop a bottle of champagne and raise a glass to all the incredible experiences you’ll have in the New Year. Bonus points if you serve it up in a statement glass.

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