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Sunday, 3rd July 2022

Holi 2021: How to Celebrate Without Violating Covid-19 Protocols Amid Pandemic?

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  • 28th March 2021,
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Holi 2021: Celebrate the festival of colours without violating Covid-19 protocols amid pandemic.

Holi 2021

Holi 2021

Holi, the festival of colours is known as one of the most popular Indian traditional functions around the world. Indians enjoy This festival of Spring signifies the triumph of good over evil. People living around the world and in India enjoy the festival of Holi to the fullest using colours (gulal). Other Holi props like water balloons, water guns are used by people to bathe in the colours during the two-day colourful festival. The celebration starts with a ceremonial pooja in the morning.

During Holi people apply colours (gulal) to each other to mark the season of victory and prepare delicacies and drinks such as gujiya, deep-fried dumpling and thandai, a refreshing Indian drink made with milk, peppercorn, almonds, cardamom and other nuts to serve guests. Being a country of diversity, the people in India celebrates the festival in different ways.

While some like to keep it quiet and simple, there are others who like to level-up their fun game. This year, Holi starts today, March 28, which is also called Choti Holi, and it will end on Monday, March 29. However, due to the ongoing pandemic and spike in Covid-19 cases, it will be safe if people follow the Covid-19 restrictions.

Covid-19 Restrictions in India

With the country witnessing a continuous spike in numbers in novel coronavirus cases, the government had advised the states and Union Territories to impose restrictions on Holi 2021 celebrations in India. The country has recorded over 40,000 positive cases of Covid-19 every day since the last week. Maharashtra is the worst-hit Covid-19 state as it continues to register the highest cases. Grand celebrations are unlikely to take place. Public celebrations in Delhi and Haryana has been banned this year.

How to celebrate Holi 2021 without violating Covid-19 protocols?

Prepare Holi-Special Food Items

One of the best ways to satisfying yourself is to have good food. So, to maintain social distancing and avoid any violation of Covid-protocols, prepare some special delicacies for your family. Many dishes can be made on the occasion of Holi to invoke the colourful festive spirit. Gujia, Thandai, Pakoras, Sweets of course are some dishes one can try at home to get in the spirit of Holi celebrations.

Balcony Holi Amid Pandemic

If you can’t resist yourself, then use your balcony to play with Holi colours at home. This won’t damage your house, and it will also give you the real vibe of playing Holi with your family and members without creating a mess.

Groove to Popular Holi Songs on Spotify

There are many popular Holi songs that are being played usually at huge Holi gatherings. However, this year, one can use their Spotify app to make a playlist of their choice and dance to the tunes of traditional Holi songs. From Rang Barse to Mohe Rang do Laal, and Ang Se Ang Lagana, get your Holi playlist ready in minutes and dance away to feel the richness of Holi.

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