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Who is Jodi Arias? Crazy California Saleswoman Had Sex, Took X-Rated Pics of Lover in Shower Before Killing Him

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California Saleswoman Jodi Arias had sex, took X-rated snaps of her ex-boyfriend in the shower before brutally murdering him.

Woman kills boyfriend

Woman kills boyfriend in shower

A crazy woman stalker in her thirties took explicit photos of her lover before shooting him and slitting his throat multiple times. Jodi Arias stabbed her lover Travis Alexander to death in the shower in his suburban Phoenix home in June 2008 after a lust-filled day of sex and racy photoshoots. Reportedly, Alexander, who was found dead in his home had a gunshot wound to his head and was stabbed more than 27 times with his throat being deeply sliced from ear-to-ear in the horrific homicide in Arizona.

Hours before the horrific murder, the woman, Jodi Arias had sex with her lover for one final time and took X-rated photos of him and herself. Jodi had been in a relationship with her victim cum lover Alexander, who was a motivational speaker and a successful businessman. The two met at a conference in Las Vegas in September 2006 after which they started calling one another and exchanged over 80,000 messages over e-mail in a period of just five months.

Jodi’s ex-boyfriend Alexander, a Mormon, persuaded her to become a member of his church as he couldn’t date anyone outside his faith. As they grew closer, Jodi decided to convert. However, she said that she was uncomfortable with her lover’s behavior in the bedroom that contradicted the church’s teachings that forbid sex before marriage. Jodi, who testified that Alexander belittled her and was using her for sex said the two went into a bedroom and had sexual intercourse that she called painful the same day she was baptised.

Woman kills boyfriend
Woman kills boyfriend in shower

But after just five months, Alexander broke up with Jodi and told her that it was just physical. Jodi, who was left devastated and also smitten by her lover, moved across the country to stay closer to Travis to try and rekindle their romance which did happen.

However, Alexander still refused to commit, and two years later she moved back to stay with her grandparents in California. Not being able to overcome the break-up, two months later Jodi rented a car to travel to Mesa to meet her lover.

According to reports, she filled up petrol cans so she would not have to stop and switched off her phone. She then met Alexander, had sex for one last time, took explicit photos together, and killed him brutally.

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Who Is Jodi Arias?

Jodi Arias was a California saleswoman who brutally killed her lover in the shower after having sex. She said that she murdered her ex-boyfriend in an act of self-defense. However, she was convicted and sentenced to a lifetime in prison without a chance of parole

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