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Thursday, 26th November 2020

Anne Heche Says Romance With Ellen DeGeneres Got Her Fired From ‘Multimillion-Dollar Movie Deal’

By Pragya Gouhari -
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  • 7th October 2020,
  • 11:27 AM

"I was in a relationship with Ellen DeGeneres for three-and-a-half years and the stigma attached to that relationship was so bad that I was fired from my multi-million dollar picture deal," Anne Heche claims.

Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres had a romantic relationship for three and half years.

Ellen DeGeneres’ ex-girlfriend Anne Heche is opening up about how their relationship impacted her film career. Heche, 51, who dated DeGeneres two decades ago, admitted the romance cost her a multi-million dollar movie deal. “In 1997, I met Ellen DeGeneres at the Vanity Fair party and that was the night that changed my life forever,” Heche said in a preview for an episode of Dancing with the Stars.

She said, “My movie premiere for Volcano, I had told them that I was taking Ellen as my date and I was told if I took Ellen I would lose my Fox contract. At that moment, she took my hand and said, ‘Do what they say’ and I said, ‘No thanks.’ I took Ellen to the premiere and I was ushered out before the movie even ended and was told I was not allowed to go to my own after-party for fear that they would get pictures of me with a woman.

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“She was warning me, ‘This is going to happen.'” DeGeneres and Heche split in 2000 after three years of dating. She went on to marry Coleman Laffoon in 2001, and they welcomed a son named Homer the following year. She split from Laffoon and subsequently struck up a relationship with actor James Tupper, who she shares son Atlas with. They broke up in 2018.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres has been in a relationship with actress Portia de Rossi since 2004. The couple tied the knot in 2008 shortly after the Supreme Court of California legalised same sex marriage.

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