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Monday, 19th October 2020

Mukkta K Collaborates With Eclipse, Becomes India’s First Female Rapper To Go International

By Vinod Dsouza -
  • Updated
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  • 14th September 2020,
  • 9:52 PM

Rapper Mukkta K collaborates with Eclipse for upcoming single Thinking About You.

Indian rapper Mukkta K adds a new feather to her cap, as the Hip Hop singer collaborates with international star Eclipse for her upcoming single Thinking About You. Mukkta has been constantly releasing original music and her fans are lapping up to it. She made the most of the lockdown by writing lyrics, composing music and delivering tracks, giving her fans a musical treat.

Mukkta spoke exclusively to The News Pit saying she had a ball of a time collaborating with international artist Eclipse for her upcoming single. ”It was great collaborating with Eclipse. He’s a very talented artist. He’s been on America’s Got talent, Jimmy Kimmel live. We both had the same vision of the track. I feel extremely happy that I am the first Indian Female rapper to do an international collaboration.”

The rapper is making Indian rap reach new heights, giving a platform to budding artists to dream big and spread their wings. ”Well India’s got the numbers to hit the charts. I am hoping to see more versatility and more fresh artists in Indian Hip Hop. We can definitely go global if we inculcate more of foreign languages or English,” she said.

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Mukkta also gave words of wisdom to young rappers who want to make a mark in the music industry by saying artists should not give ear to judgement and keep doing what they love doing, that is creating music. “My words to upcoming artists would be don’t hold back your music because you are afraid of judgement. No one becomes a star in his or her first few releases. And you never know anything can trend so keep putting out your music.”

Fans are eagerly waiting for Mukkta’s upcoming single and we’re sure the leggy lass will not disappoint her loyal followers. Previously, she released ‘The FU’ EP with a bold cover featuring herself with currency notes covering her body and it was one of a kind imagery the audiences had never seen before. The rapper always brings new things to the table and it’s hard to guess what she’s upto next. This makes her special and loved by her fans.

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