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Wednesday, 22nd September 2021

Bihar Nurse Administers ’Empty Dose’ Of COVID 19 Vaccine, Video Goes Viral

By Disha Sharma -
  • Updated
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  • 28th June 2021,
  • 3:27 PM

In a shocking video is making the rounds on the Internet where a nurse can be seen administering an empty dose of COVdi 19 vaccine in haste.

COVID 19 vaccine: Viral Video

COVID 19 vaccine: Viral Video

Viral Video: Amid the coronavirus pandemic, ever since the centre has announced to make available the vaccines for free for 18 years above, there is hardly anyone who is not going to the vaccination centre.  No matter, it’s Sunday or Monday many are concerned with their work done.  But wait up people relax there is no hurry because haste makes waste. Neither the vaccination centre is going anywhere nor the vaccines. However, still there are many places in India where either people are creating chaos or administering an empty dose of COVID 19 vaccine. Yes, you heard that right, in a case of negligence a shocking video is making the rounds on the Internet where a nurse can be seen administering an empty dose of COVID 19 vaccine in haste.

The video shows the nurse can be seen busy chatting with people in the vaccination hall and taking out the disposable syringe from the wrapper and pushing it on the man’s arm. However, she didn’t fill the syringe from a vial of Covid-19 vaccine.

This video has gone viral on the Internet. According to the reports, the incident took place in Bihar’s Chapra district earlier this week. The video got viral when a friend of the man saw their vaccination video later.

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Azhar, told reporters that he took the shot on June 21. Later, that day when he saw a video filmed by his friend Aman Khan who had accompanied him to the vaccination camp.

He said that he was shocked to find out that the nurse just tore open the plastic packaging of a disposable syringe and injected it without filling it with the vaccine.

As the video went viral, after tagging many doctors and state’s health officials and ministers, the authorities interfered in the matter.

District Immunization Officer (DIO) of Saran, Dr. Ajay Kumar told a leading daily that the information received about the video is with him. Taking cognizance of the negligence, nurse Chanda Kumari has been removed from duty with immediate effect. Also, an explanation has also been sought from her within 48 hours.

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However, the DIO denied the allegations and said that the nurse did not do this intentionally. It was a mistake adding the vaccination centre is huge and the staff are under a lot of pressure.

As per the reports, the DIO said that the man would be called again and he would be inoculated with first dose of the vaccine.

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