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Saturday, 2nd December 2023

Barr plans to hold defiant defense of Trump in showdown with House Democrats

By Junaid Bhat -
  • Updated
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  • 28th July 2020,
  • 3:38 PM

William Barr is going to testify for the first time since the Democrats took control of the House.

Attorney General William P. Barr would reveal to the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday that President Trump has not made any injudicious intervention in the Justice Department business. Barr on the other hand moved more criminal cases to help the presidents’ associates.

According to a copy of Barr’s opening statement, he is going to defend the government’s response to the civil uprising in the country. As per reports, Barr will take defiant posture as he is going to testify for the first time since the Democrats took over the control, alleging that there were efforts made by them to outshine him since he raised his voice to investigate the 2016 elections.

FBI probe of possible coordination between Russia and Trumps campaign and also held media responsible for covering the unrest illegitimately. On his response to anti-police brutality protest across the country, Barr might go through some stringent questioning and also for his interventions in the high-profile case which involve President Trump’s associates among other matters.

As per Democratic committee counsel, Barr will be questioned by lawmakers about his involvement of dispatching federal agents to respond to police brutality in the country which turned violent many times initially occurred in D.C followed by Portland, Oregon.

According to Barr’s opening statement, he will tell judicial experts that President Trump told him from the beginning to exercise his independent Judgement to make calls whatever he considers is right, and whatever steps taken by him were not taken according to President Trump’s instructions.

According to Barr’s statement, All decisions taken by President Trump and his National Security Council were appropriately weighed that directly implicated national security or foreign policy because those decisions are driven by transcending typical prosecutorial factors.

The President has always confirmed that the Department is aware of the events that hold legal consequences such as loopholes in classified information, potential civil rights abuses by police, gouging, or illegal price-fixing.

Barr is likely to face questions about expatriation of Geoffrey Berman as the U.S attorney in Manhattan attempt which led to a standoff between the Barr and Berman. He will be asked about if he had any role to play in officials move to take former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen in custody after he got released from federal prison as a part of administration’s effort to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

Last week Cohen was ordered to be released by a federal judge, claiming the Justice Department’s call of sending him back to prison was retaliation for writing a book about President Trump.

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