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Sunday, 24th September 2023

International Friendship Day 2020: Here’s how you can celebrate the special bond of friendship!

By Pragya Gouhari -
  • Updated
  • :
  • 30th July 2020,
  • 4:18 PM

The world celebrates International Friendship Day today on July 30, 2020.

International Friendship Day : Grab your phone, jump on your bike, or fire up the Playstation for old time’s sake, it’s Friendship Day! The day of the year where friends from all over the world show appreciation for one another and remind you why they’re your very best bud. Whether you want to send a card, shoot over a text message, create a photo collage on Facebook, or go and see them in person, there is a way for everybody to express their love on Friendship Day.

The idea of Friendship Day was first introduced by the founder of Hallmark cards, Joyce Hal, in 1920. The day was celebrated by exchanging greeting cards, but it was in 1958 that Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho coined the term ‘Friendship Day’ and started a foundation called The World Friendship Crusade.

The World Friendship Crusade tried for many years to persuade the United Nations to recognise July 30 as World Friendship Day and finally in 2011, the General Assembly of the UN declared July 30 as the International Day of Friendship. However, different countries celebrate this day on different dates. For example, in India it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August, whereas in Oberlin, Ohio Friendship Day is celebrated on April 8 every year.

Ways to Celebrate International Friendship Day! : There are no set rules on how to celebrate Friendship Day. The beauty of all friendships, whether tried and tested or new and burgeoning, is that each one is unique from the last.

Taking a trip together to celebrate is an excellent way to make the day all about each other. You can visit places that mean something to you, whether that’s the beach where you first met or the scene of your most infamous exploits. Or, you can go to that one place where you promised each other you’d always go.

Just a phone call checking in on them could morph into an hours-long conversation discussing life, the universe, and everything in between. For long-lost friends, this is a great way to catch up and spill all the secrets that don’t end up on social media.

Today more than any other day is the chance to let all your friends, whether near or far, know how much you care for and appreciate them. It’s the chance to reach out to old friends, new friends, and even those you see every day of the week, and do something that celebrates what your friendship means to you.

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