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Sunday, 24th September 2023

US man wins $22 million lottery, shares fortune with friend over a ‘handshake deal’ they made thirty years ago

By Sathish Mon -
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  • 26th July 2020,
  • 10:13 PM

Thomas Cook shared $22 millon powerball jackpot prize money with his friend Tom Feeney over a ‘handshake deal’ they made 30 years ago.

Thirty years ago, two friends made a handshake deal and agreed to share the prize money in case if either of them won a powerball Jackpot. The winner, Thomas Cook did keep his promise made to his friend Tom Feeney thirty years ago when he called him up to announce that he had won the June 10 powerball lottery and revealing he was going to share half the prize money to his longtime friend.

Feeney was taken by surprise and he couldn’t believe it. The longtime friends had made a deal thirty years ago in 1992 that in case if they won a prize money after buying the powerball jackpot, they would split the prize money between them.

In a video interview, Cook revealed of buying the powerball winner at Synergy Corp Exit 45 gas station and conveyance store in Menomonie. Speaking further, he revealed, after seeing the winning numbers, he was in disbelief and overjoyed with excitement when he read those two or three numbers. He then showed it to his wife was overjoyed too.

He realized of having the winning tickets in his hands while having breakfast. Cook, after winning the tickets, gave two weeks notice to his job and said he would share the deal with his longtime friend Feeney and keep up the promise of the deal made thirty years ago over a handshake. Feeney had already retired from his job.

Cook and Feeney had worked for an area fire station in Menomonie where they met and made good fortunes. Neither of them had revealed of what they would do with the prize money. However, Cook did state, ”What better way to retire” after being overjoyed after receiving prize money of a cheque worth of $22 million which he was going to share with his friend Feeney over a ”handshake deal” made thirty years ago.

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