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Saturday, 19th September 2020

Big Brother Unveiled Its ‘All-Stars’ Cast During Wednesday Night’s Two-hour Live Premiere

By Pragya Gouhari -
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  • 6th August 2020,
  • 12:52 PM

The contestants will be regularly checked for Covid-19 even while being stationed inside the house.

Big Brother unveiled its ‘All-Stars’ cast during Wednesday night’s two-hour live premiere. For the first time in its 20-year history, the show aired the live move-in of 16 returning house guests from previous seasons.

Host Julie Chen Moonves greeted the cast in groups of four and explained the safety precautions they took to resume production. The cast kept their masks on and maintained a 12-feet distance from the unmasked host. For the first time ever, the cast will be revealed during the live two-hour season premiere.

“As we speak right now, they’re quarantining by themselves in homes that we’ve rented for them,” Chen recently told Entertainment Tonight. “They’re getting tested every few days. They will go in once they’ve been clean and clear for at least 14 days and then even once they get in the house, they’re still going to be tested. They have no contact with anyone.”

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As for the crew working behind-the-scenes on the show, executive producer Rich Meehan told ET that staffers are working in pods. “Those pods basically stay together and don’t cross-mingle with any other pods,” he said. “No one is living on the compound. So people are going home at the end of their shift.” Chen added, “If you ask me, once you’re in the Big Brother house, it might be one of the safest places to be.”

Last week, CBS announced that the show will debut its 22nd season with a cast of familiar faces, including previous winners, legends and memorable personalities. Given the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the production “will follow specific health and safety protocols,” according to a press release, “with the welfare of everyone involved as the highest priority.”

In order to ensure that the house will have enough contestants, production has compiled both a core potential cast list, along with a list of alternates, according to the New York Post. If a contestant from the core list tests positive for Covid-19, an alternative will step into the game.

Big Brother All-Stars premieres Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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