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Thursday, 18th July 2024

PUBG Global Extreme Challenge brings positivity and encouragement during coronavirus pandemic among gamers

By Tavisshi Dhawan -
  • Updated
  • :
  • 28th July 2020,
  • 8:36 PM

PUBG mobile’s GLOBAL EXTREME CHALLENGE is not just a worldwide gaming completion but also a great way to boost up people’s morale during these tough times.

Gamers finally have the perfect reason to stay inside their homes. Under the global pandemic, PUBG Mobile is trying to bring a positive impact and encouragement to the society and people.

The upcoming “GLOBAL EXTREME CHALLENGE” is a call out for all the players and communities out there to join together to overcome this situation. The all-new Global Extreme Challenge campaign is going to be the brand’s biggest event this summer. A number of celebrities, influencers and players from various regions are all teaming up to take part in an online PUBG match.

Community members who are interested in can watch the show match on July 30 via different platforms that include the official PUBG mobile facebook, youtube and twitch channels and also get a chance to win in game item giveaways.

The reason for the launch of this campaign is “play for good”, an initiative of encouraging people to stay at home and also contribute to the society. Under this global pandemic PUBG mobile is hoping to spread positivity among people.

Showdown Schedule for different regions:

l July 30 (UTC +0) 12:00 -14:00 (Southeast Asia)

l July 30 (UTC +0) 16:00 -18:00 (South Asia, Middle East)

l July 30 (UTC +0) 18:00 -20:00 (North America, Europe)

l July 30 (UTC +0) 00:00 -02:00 (South America)

With PUBG mobile’s all new livik map as the battlefield the Global Extreme Challenge is inviting the following renowned sports players, artists, celebrities and gaming influencers as the captains of their own teams for different regions.

North America:

Jack Osbourne: Jack Osbourne is the president of Osbourne Media and is best known for MTV’s reality show “The Osbournes”, SyFy’s “Haunted Highway” and A+E Network’s “Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour”.

Ky Bowman: Ky Bowman is the point guard for the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. Off the court, Bowman is a talented artist and avid gamer.


Kevin De Bruyne: Kevin De Bruyne is one of Europe’s best attacking players and one of the finest midfielders in the world.

Aleyna Tilki: She won the “Best Female Pop Singer” award in the “Pantene Altın Kelebek Ödülleri 2018” which is the most prestigious music/TV awards in Turkey.

Southeast Asia:

GADING: Indonesian actor and TV presenter

Aurelie: Indonesian actress, singer and model

Hiền Hồ: famous female singer in Vietnam who won the Runner-up in The Voice Vietnam 2017. She is known as one of the most potential young artists of Vbiz with many hit songs and PUBG Mobile gamers as well.

South Asia:

MortaL: MortaL is a global mobile gaming icon. He is the leader of professional PUBG Mobile esports team Team Soul and is known for his DP-28+6x sprays.

Scout: Scout is a professional player for esports team FNATIC and is one of India’s oldest PUBG Mobile competitive players. Scout is popular for his M416 and 6x sprays.

South America:

Paulo Dybala: Paulo Dybala is an Argentine professional footballer and has been considered one of the world’s most valuable players.

Levinho: Levinho is one of the best PUBG MOBILE players around the world, and shares his gameplays on YouTube with over 7M fans.

Yurem Rojas: Yurem is a well-known actor in Mexico and she’s most famous for being a part of the comedy show me caigo de risa.

Marian Santos: Mariam is a well-known model, TV host and singer in Mexico and she’s most famous for being a part of the Voice Mexico.

This might be the last event the PUBG players in India might be able to attend with speculations of it being banned in India in the near future. So our advice would be to enjoy this event to the fullest.

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