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Monday, 19th October 2020

Abducted Son Reunites With His Elderly Chinese Family After 38 Years

By Sathish Mon -
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  • 19th September 2020,
  • 9:12 PM

Jin Shui 40 was kidnapped from his home as a two year old toddler, reunites with his parents four decades later, after being tracked by the police through a National DNA program.

The family were reunited today, 38 years after their son disappeared. (Picture Credit: douyin/zhejiangzhisheng)

An elderly couple in China had the happiest moment of their lifetime after they were reunited with their lost son after 38 years ago. Police were able to trace the man who reunited with his family through a rotational DNA database program.

For a family which was leading a simple life in a remote village in the northwestern province of Shaanxi, things came to a grinding halt leaving the family shattered and devastated in the wee hours on May 12, 1982.

According to local media, the man’s father Su Bingde left home early that day to meet a relative. He did not lock the house as he thought of returning soon. Meanwhile, his wife Huang Renxiu just tucked her children into the bed. She was woken up by her daughter in the early hours of the morning as she wanted to use the toilet.

Jin Shui was only two when he was abducted from his home in north west China (Picture Credit: Ankang Daily/WeChat)

Renxiu was shocked and horrified by the strange disappearance of her two year old son who was in deep sleep last night next to her. She immediately informed her husband and fellow villagers and they searched for the two year old the whole day and night and the child was nowhere to be found.

Mr Su with a hope, persistently kept looking for his lost son for a decade mostly travelling by foot in order to save money, Mr Su travelled from town to town and in every village in the surroundings.

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The long-lost son brought his family to meet his parents for the first time.

Adding more woes, the devastated mother began suffering from mental issues who was struck by immense grief. The police began a lookout for the lost child who was nicknamed Jin Sui back then and ended up unable to resolve the case due to the remote location of the village.

However, four decades later, the silver haired parents were reunited with their son Jin sui who is now named Li Goulin. Mr Goulin lives with his wife and kids in Habei which is 1,104 kilometres away from his parent’s village. The police were able to trace him through a DNA database program. After comparing the DNA samples, the police were able to locate Jin Shui who lives in Hebei province.

In a video footage released on September 17, the reunited family is seen hugging each other and breaking down in tears. Mr Su told the local media that he was overjoyed having reunited with his son and didn’t expect to meet his grandsons as well.

Human trafficking is rampant in China which has left many families devastated after their children (from toddlers to teenagers) being abducted and only a handful getting reunited with their families. Longing for a boy child, rich families in China often get male children predominantly who hardly gets traced to be reunited with their family. According a local authorized website, 200,000 children are being abducted from their families every year. The abducted are either forced to work as laborers succumbing to forced marriages or are surviving as adaptees by wealthy families.

Child abduction has been a major concern in china as most families preferring a male child over a female resulting in the abduction of male kids predominantly every year. Adding woes is the severe gender gap partly due to one child policy with fewer female children around. They are often abducted and sold as child brides. According to a local independent survey, 64% of the total kidnapped children are boys and more than 75% kidnapped children are under the age of 6. According to a Chinese national radio survey in 2013, more than 200,000 children are trafficked and among them, fewer than 200 return back home.

For Su and his wife Renxiu, reuniting with their long lost son, Jin Shui has been an incredible moment as the overjoyed family could not hold back tears. This rare family reunion was marked by the elderly couple throwing a banquet with their relatives and villagers as they rejoice the homecoming of their lost son which is a celebration of a lifetime.

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